A Message From Our President

President's letter - April 9, 2015

Welcome fellow members

Three months have passed since the beginning of this year. There has been progress in both wholesale and retail sales during this time. The Midwest Furniture Club is always at the forefront, working to help our customers by bringing them the best selling products, and handling the occasional problem to make their buying process as “hassel free” as possible. To continue our good works, we are going to run the 9th annual Midwest Furniture Show. It will be held this Sept. 2 and 3. That’s a Wednesday and Thursday. As most of our customers do not attend any of the major markets, and those that do, do not have enough time to “see it all”, this is a perfect way to give them the market experience without them having to leave their store for more almost a week. It will also give us an opportunity to give more individual attention to those customers. Please let them all know the dates, and check with the companies you represent to take lease a booth. It’s a GREAT WAY to open new accounts. We are changing the venue this year to the Meridian Conference Center in Rolling Meadows. It is easy to get to, and has more convenient parking, better housing, and restaurants nearby. We will also have many other benefits for our attendees which we will let you know about as soon as we finalize our plans.

For those of us who are athletes, or think they are, we have our Bill Krause 13th annual golf outing on July 22nd. Lots of fun and prizes, and a great way to really bond with your customers and fellow reps. Golfing is not a requirement to attend. We have a great cocktail hour and dinner following for those who know they can’t golf. For those who don’t know, like myself, they will have a chance to ride in a golf cart all afternoon and pretend. Thanks for your participation. I look forward to seeing you all at the show and the golf outing.

David Marcus, President Midwest Furniture Club

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