A Message From Our President

President's letter - November 2, 2015

Hello fellow club members

This is my last letter as President of the Midwest Furniture Club.  It has been a privilege to serve you.  I want to thank all my supporters who helped our club with so many of our successful endeavors.  I also want to thank my critics who help me and our Club to do a better job by pointing out areas where we needed improvement.  Good luck to our new President.  I want to let him, and the Club know that I will always be available if he ever needs my help or consul.  Drive safely, and write lots of business.

David Marcus, President Midwest Furniture Club

2015 Midwest Furniture Show Recap

The 2015 Midwest Furniture Show shaped up to be successful for most of the attendees and vendors that showed. Kirk and Allen spoke to many of the vendors that showed and most said that they would be back in 2016. Most said that the show was "well received" the overall expectation was exceeded in many cases. The band was FANTASTIC and horderves were excellent! Alot of business mixed with amenties proved to carry on what began 9 years ago. We are already planning the show for next year and will build on what we have learned. kirk and Allen would like to personally thank everyone who was involved with the show. Without the help of our sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, and support of our attendees, the show would not have been a success.

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