A Message From Our President

President's letter - July 11, 2014

Dear Fellow members, half of 2014 has passed.  The economy is getting stronger, but not at the pace we all would like to see.  Our club has not stood by and waited for business to get better.  We have many activities to bring Reps and Dealers together not only to have a good time, but to share ideas to help our businesses grow.  In August, we have our annual Bill Kraus Golf outing.  This is a great time to bond with dealers.  The way I play golf, I don’t have to let them win.  Our Midwest Furniture Show is in September, and the popular Casino night sometime toward the end of 2014.  Please invite your dealers to all these events.  They will love it, and they give us a chance to enjoy a good time with them. 

Summers are typically slow in the Furniture business.  That does not mean we should let up in our contacts with our dealers.  Sometimes just a phone call to see how they are doing will be greatly appreciated by them.  I can’t tell you how many times I dropped into a dealer, who as soon as he saw me said he did not need anything.  After 20 minutes of chatting, he remembered that he needed to order something for a customer, or I brought up a special that my company was running, and the next thing you know, I got my order pad out writing.  Many of our dealers do not go to any of the major markets, so the information we bring back from market is very important to them.  The Midwest Furniture Show is another  great way for our dealers who do not go to any major markets to get a pulse on what is happening in our industry.  Please keep in mind, we are partners together, and when your partner does better, you do better.  We are not just selling products, but service as well.   Have a successful and healthy balance of 2014, and unto the future as well.

David Marcus

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