A Message From Our President

President's letter - December 10, 2014

Goodbye 2014, welcome 2015. 2014 has been a year of progress and change. The business climate has gotten a little better and we all hope that 2015 will bring even more success. In order to continue to be relevant in the furniture business, we must continue to service our customers. Being just an order writer will not work. The time when,  if we could not sell a particular store in a town, we could go down the street and sell one of the other three stores in town has ended. Now there is only one furniture store in town. Price is the key word today in selling. It’s up to us to show our dealers that sometimes the lowest price is not always the lowest price. There are many ways to do this. We need to show our customers that freight costs, quality, salability, availability, and most important customer service are important factors to what our dealer’s final cost is. Yesterday, I called on one of my accounts who could buy a similar bunk bed to the one I was showing him for 10% less. The freight costs were about the same, but when I showed him we had a bigger assortment of colors, a large inventory, and most important, the knowledge that if there is a problem, and there will be if it’s furniture, when he calls me, he knows that the problem will be taken care of immediately, he place his order with me. With our customers cutting down on their staff to lower their costs, the last thing they want is to make 5 phone calls to get a part. Be relevant with your customers and they will be relevant to you. With that I wish you all a WONDERFUL 2015 with more business than you can handle, and most important, good health and happiness to all. Good luck, and good selling.

David Marcus

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